Warehouse plc-technology (BSS-S)

BSS-S is our proven and future-proof control system for all types of shelf vehicles and handling equipment. The system takes over all monitoring and control tasks on a lower level. Project planning and implementation of the components for warehouse control are carried out in our own specialist departments.

BSS creates intelligent control equipment for highly dynamic facilities on the basis of S7 technology and with all wiring in field bus technology. Clearly structured and extremely lean (only one control level), the control system is easy to use, despite extensive basic functions such as tandem operation for shelf vehicles or special, multi-use deep freeze equipment.

Another reason why we use leading technologies are the energy savings. Help us to take care of the environment!

You will receive a process visualisation (WinCC, Visam) from us for monitoring the status of your logistics facility in real time. This records and evaluates all warning end error messages from the controls. The colour display provides quick identification, enabling the employee at the control centre to react instantly. The entire facility as well as individual sections of it, e.g. pallet handling equipment, container handling equipment, move commands for STCs or the status of the individual STC sensors can be displayed here. Installation status or error messages of external machines such as carton erectors, scales, labelling or rewinding machines are also determined.

Our “BSS WebNavigator” allows you to view the visualisation on different PC workstations so that every employee can monitor his area of responsibility on his own screen.

This includes:

  • Drive levels, motors, controls
  • Sensor system / actuators
  • Scanner
  • Control cabinets
  • Operating panels (manual terminals)
  • General system installation
  • Wiring
  • Special installations
  • PLC equipment
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