Warehouse control technology (BSS-L)

BSS-L is our warehouse management software which is adapted to suit the processes in your warehouse precisely.

The user interface is similar to the Explorer and features a good functional structure. The hierarchical menu structure is easy to operate for anyone and dialogues are assigned to the work stations depending on the functions. Furthermore the most important functions are highlighted as buttons in the individual windows, ensuring quick and easy operation of the software.

For our high-capacity order picking facilities with up to 2,500 load carriers per hour/path – depending on the task – we use clever and highly modern picking solutions, e.g. our MPP or our lateral shelf order picking with or without Pick-to-Light, Pick-by-Light or Pick-by-Voice. In addition we have longstanding experience with data radio data systems, consisting of hand and/or fork-lift terminals.

We use only proven branded hardware, e.g. from DELL or NEC. Apart from standby databases our data security also includes highly available, fault-tolerant NEC servers which minimise the downtime of the facility in case of any malfunctions.

Provided services:

  • User-friendly dialogue and window guidance
  • Use of the most current Oracle and operating system versions
  • Paperless order picking systems, e.g. Pick-by-Light, Pick-by-Voice, Pick-to-Light, Pick-by-Voice, radio data systems
  • Pick & Pack (order picking directly in the carton)
  • Multi-Picking (parallel order picking of several customer orders)
  • Integration of peripheral systems (e.g. weighing, labelling, carton erector, lidding, strapping or delivery note inserting machines)
  • Double-/multiple-depth storage
  • Handling equipment
  • Automated small parts storage
  • High bay storage
  • Aisle-bound and curve-going stacker cranes (STC)
  • Lateral order picking for automated small parts storage
  • Processing of returns and shipping
  • Simple connection to higher and lower level software
  • High integrability for SAP
  • Interfaces to all current ERP systems
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