Warehouse Technology

Standing up to the requirements of highly efficient warehousing requires smoothly functioning systems that guarantee the distribution of goods.

Would you like to become a long-term member of this league? Then BSS can offer you a complete package with all required hardware and software components for management, control and organisation of your logistics processes.

BSS-LMS is suitable for small, partially automated storage as well as for high-capacity logistics facilities and will adapt to your growth and new processes over the years.

Benefit from our longstanding experience in the field of integrating control and computer systems. A dedicated material flow computer, the BSS-M, allows the BSS system to directly control the PLC level. A special feature which so far is unrivalled in the industry, increasing the performance of your facility many times over.

Our warehouse management software BSS-L has been certified by the Fraunhofer Institute every year for over 10 years.

Warehouse plc-technology

BSS-S is our proven and future-proof control system for all types of shelf vehicles and handling equipment. The system takes over all monitoring and control tasks on a lower level. Project planning and implementation of the components for warehouse control are carried out in our own specialist departments.

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Warehouse control technology

BSS-L is our warehouse management software which is adapted to suit the processes in your warehouse precisely.

The user interface is similar to the Explorer and features a good functional structure. The hierarchical menu structure is easy to operate for anyone and dialogues are assigned to the work stations depending on the functions.

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