Simulation & Emulation

Reliable execution is the key to success in logistics – regardless of whether the facility is a small or a large project. We create simulations and/or emulations of your future logistics facility to ensure that everything will be in the right place at the right time.

The simulation is an animation (3D computer model) of your logistics system, already showing the future facility in full operation with moving pictures. The throughput capacity as well as different strategies can be checked in advance and technical processes can be analysed and optimised with ease.

With this transparent representation of the processes any errors can be detected and removed before the start of the project.

The emulation is the continuation of the simulation and it is an accurate and functioning reproduction of the logistics facility with all drive and equipment details. This model is so exact that it can be coupled with a PLC and controlled by it – just like the real facility later on.

A so-called online coupling can shorten the expensive and time consuming introduction phase of the PLC many times over. It reproduces a data exchange between the control software of the real facility and a corresponding simulation model. In this way, the PLC can already be tested under nearly real conditions before start-up.

In contrast to conventional software tests this process allows the PLC to be dynamically monitored during an entire work period. Problem areas can be identified in advance and removed.

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