The patented BSS FLOWPICKER® technique is presented at international fairs. FLOWPICKER® are fully automated picking systems and can be used to high-capacity order picking of all packaging (package).


Harald Bohnenberg has left the BSS Materialflussgruppe. After more than 25 years the successful CEO and founder of BSS Materialflussgruppe was adopted into well-deserved retirement.


Vasilios Dossis has been a member of the management of BSS Bohnenberg GmbH since the beginning of this year. He will be responsible for the order processing.


Martin Gräb has been a member of the management of BSS Bohnenberg GmbH since the beginning of this year. In this position he is responsible for the overall sector of sales and service.


The operational start of the so far largest individual project for E/D/E in Wuppertal takes place within the agreed time. A large German retail concern places an order for five identical logistics solutions for different sites.


Other outstanding logistics projects such as the distribution and service centre for a large manufacturer of generic drugs or the central warehouse for Unilever in Buxtehude are handed over to the client.


The so far biggest project in the history of the company, a central warehouse for pharmaceuticals in the Netherlands, is handed over to the operating company. <br/> The ROFA BeteiligungsAG acquires an interest in the BSS Materialflussgruppe. With this step BSS secures the further growth of the company and gains access to an international sales network. The independence of BSS remains unrestricted, though. Together with the affiliated companies ROFA GmbH and Davidson Company, BSS forms the ROFA Industrial Automation Group.


The BSS Materialflussgruppe continues to operate successfully despite difficult economic conditions. Acquisition of a neighbouring office building doubles the available floorspace at the head office in Solingen. The number of employees rises to 110.


BSS opens up new European markets and gains qualified employees when starting BSS Polska Sp. Z.o.o. in Katowice (Poland). <br/> BSS documents the structural changes of the company by registering the trade name “BSS Materialflussgruppe” with the European Patent and Trademark Office.


BSS achieves another milestone by completing the distribution centre for J.A. Henckels Zwilling AG in Solingen as general contractor.


BSS moves closer to its clients and opens the branch office east in Ilmenau.


BSS receives the first order as a general planner and contractor (concept and turnkey handover) for the high-capacity order picking centre of Pelikan in Hannover. .


The first facility with lateral shelf order picking and double-depth storage is implemented.


Harald Bohnenberg starts the company BSS Bohnenberg GmbH in Solingen with 6 employees as an independent systems house for control and computer technology for logistics facilities. First major order for the distribution centre of wholesale company Metro's non-food division “Varena” in Unna.

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